Visits, tours & events

The 493rd Bomb Group always welcome visits from any group, however big or small and any age. In the last year our visits have been from a rich variety of interested parties. Our volunteers are available to conduct groups around all the different museum buildings and they are very knowledgeable and keen to supply any information required by our guests.

Visits & events booked/completed in 2019 are as follows

April 10th David Brown Club
April 14th Skoda Car Club
April 17th Kim Biddle & Family
April 28th Open Sunday
May 21st -23rd Randy Holliday
May 21st-28th Anne Marek
May 26th Wayne Bladen & Barbara
May 26th Open Sunday & vehicle road run
May 28th Robin & Sandy Deutsch
May 28th David Schmitt & Linda
June 20th Chadacre visit
June 30th Open Sunday
July 4th Vision impaired Charity
July 9th Coddenham History Club
July 18th St John's First Aid members
July 28th Classic Car Day & Open Sunday
August 25th Open Sunday
September 2nd Roy & Elizabeth Johnson
September 6/7/8th Trip Out event (private)
September 24th Kyson Primary School
September 24/30th Kurt Landis & Pam
September 29th Open Day & Jeep Day Road Run

Visits in 2018

April 21st - Harwich Redoubt Group
May 11th -U3A behind the scenes Group
July 31st until August 5th - Eastern Angles production of The Red Barn Murder
for more infomation contact The Box Office on 01473 211498.
August 17,18,19 - The Trip Out Event - private event
August 26th - Ride of Remembrance
September 5th - Beccles Probus Group - Phil Mitchell
September 18th - Randy Holliday (Vet Family Visit)

These are the visits made from the USA in 2018

DATE Visitors Veteran

27/05/2018 David & Linda Schmitt Son of Lt Donald J Schmitt 863rd BS

27/05/2018 Anne & Rick Marek Daughter of Major Victor Aubry 860th BS

27/05/2018 Peter & Christopher Thompson Son of T/Sgt John Thompson 861st BS

08/08/2018 Percy Ungate Relative of William Ungate. 1273rd Engineering Battalion

22/08/2018 Wayne & Barbara Bladen Nephew of Sgt Calvin Bladen 863rd BS

25/08/2018 Bill & Pam Peterson Son of Lt George Peterson 860th BS

26/08/2018 John Pietsch Son of Sgt Donald Pietsch 860th BS

30/09/2018 Erich, Rosa & Richard Wanner Children of Karl H Wanner, German POW

30/09/2018 Richard Antczak Son of Ludwig Antczak EVW

13/10/2018 Jamie, Cate & Lulu Parkinson Son-in-law & Grandaughters of Lt Thomas Monahan 863rd BS

23/10/2018 Tim & Elizabeth McKernan Son & Granddaughter of Lt Edward T McKernan 863rd BS

29/10/2018 Joe Knapp & Rachel Son of Pfc Joseph Knapp 330th SC

31/10/2018 Kristy Barrows & Granddaughter of Lt Victor Robinson 860th BS

03/11/2018 Nancy & Dan Smith Daughter of S/Sgt Robert S Clegg 861st BS


Visits 2017

April 23 - Newmarket car club
April 28th - Chopper motorcycle weekend
April 30th - Open Sunday
May 4th - Deben W.I.
May 7th - Ipswich Transport Felixstowe Run
May 10th - 41 Club visit
May 28th - Open Sunday & Road Run
June 13th - Suffolk MVT
June 22nd - Deben Farm Club
June 25th - Open Sunday
June 28th - Retired Unison Club visit
June 29th - U3A club
July 24th - Mens Group
July 30th - Open Sunday

August 12th - Jonny Bryant - U.S.A visit
August 27th - Open Sunday
September 3rd - Classic Car Club

September 12th - Woodbridge & District Trefoil Guild
September 20th - 15 Classic cars
September 24th - Open Sunday & Jeep Road Run
September 26th - St Mary's Primary School visit
September 27th - Kyson School visit
November 12th - Remembrance Sunday service

Visits 2016

April 24th - Open Sunday
April 30th - Lee Trimble - Pilot 863rd BS with Jeremy Dronfield
May 3rd - Harleston & Shelland local history Group
May 25th - Gentlemen from Beccles
May 29th - Open Sunday & Road Run
June 8th - Nayland British Legion
June 9th - The Friends of Woodbridge Museum
June 12th - Ipswich & Suffolk club visit
June 22nd - Essex Farmers Ladies group plus husbands
June 26th - Open Sunday - Family of Howard Clement
July 5th - Framlingham history Society
July 13th - Group Visit By Ann Calver
July 31st - Open Sunday
August 28th - Open Sunday
September 11th - Charity motorcycle show
September 12th - Probus club
September 25th - Open Sunday
September 28th - St Mary's School visit
October 5th - Kyson Primary School visit
November 13th - Remembrance Sunday service

Visits 2015

May 2nd - Dudley Holland - private visit
May 3rd - Felixstowe Run
June 10th - U3A Group visit
June 12th - Earl Soham Scouts
August 20th - Bentwaters Cold War Museum
September 4th - Mike Hobson Scout Leaders
September 6th - Hot Rod Cars - private visit
September 15th - Donald Mitchell - private visit
September 17th - Stowmarket Lions Club
September 19th - Veteran's Grandson
September 21st - Kyson Primary School
September 28th - Suzy Tiernan - Veteran's Daughter
September 29th - St Mary's Primary School
October 4th - Private visit
November 8th - Remembrance service - 10.45am
November 11th - Kingston Primary school - Felixstowe
November 18th - Otley Primary School

Visits 2014

April 27th - Surprise visit by Keith Phelps, Veteran's Son
May 4th - Felixstowe run
June 12th - Lowestoft Aviation Society
June 24th - Suffolk Farm Machinery Club
June 28th - Morris Register. pre 1939 Cars
July 3rd - Grundisburgh W.I.
July 8th - U3A (University of the 3rd Age)
July 17th - Otley Scouts Club
July 19th - Grundisburgh History Society
August 6th - David Waskowiak & Family, Veteran's Son
August 6th - Ipswich Aviation Society
September 6th - Carol Woodruff, Veteran's daughter
September 17th - Gretchen Epp, Veteran's daughter
September 19th - Duxford Museum Group
September 21st - Fly-in by Crowfield flying club
September 25th - Retired members of British Gas
October 13th - St Mary's Primary School visit
November 2nd - Archaeology Training Day
November 5th - Kyson Primary School visit
November 9th - Remembrance Sunday Service

Gretchen & Edward Epp
Gretchen & Edward Epp

Gretchen & Edward Epp
John Turner, Darren Jelley & Keith Phelps

David, Pam & Andrew Waskowiak
David, Pam & Andrew Waskowiak

David, Pam & Andrew Waskowiak
Carol Woodruff & Friends

Visits 2013

March 9th - Scouts camping
March 29th - Chopper Club Weekend
April 3rd - visit by Priory Farm Airfield
May 5th - Felixstowe run
May 18th - Coach Party visit
May 26th - Veterans visit & Road Run
June 7th - Langer Road School visit
June 16th June - Crowfield Flying Club fly in
June 19th - Charsfield School visit
July 17th - Let's Talk/EADT visit
July 26th - Grove Court visit
July 27th - Coach Party visit
August 18th - Aston Martin Club
September 8th - Skoda Car Club
September 29th - Jeep Day
October 21st - Kyson School visit

Langer Road School visit 2013
Langer Road School visit 2013

Langer Road School visit 2013
Charsfield School visit 2013

Aston Martin Club 2013
Aston Martin Club 2013

Aston Martin Club 2013
Skoda Car Club 2013

Visits 2012

March 29th - Kyson Primary School visit  
April 29th - Open Sunday
May 27th - Open Sunday and Military vehicle Farm Track Run - see 'other events' for photos of track run
June 7th - Stowmarket History Group
June 10th - Ladies Tractor Run - Museum will be open - sadly, this has been cancelled.
June 23rd - Fly in by Crowfield flying club
June 24th - Open Sunday
July 10th - Visit by Colonel Elbert Helton's daughters
July 29th - Open Sunday
August 10th - Visit by Grove Court Residential Home
August 26th - Open Sunday
September 10th - Visit by Grandson & Family of Arnold Manty (pilot)
September 30th - Open Sunday and Jeep Day

Col. Elbert Helton's daughters, Mary Pat & Jo
Col. Elbert Helton's daughters, Mary Pat & Jo

Col. Elbert Helton's daughters, Mary Pat & Jo
Lt. Manty's grandson, Alan & Family

2011 Visits

March 31st - Kyson Primary School visit
April 16th - Son and Grandson of Veteran plus a visit from the Grandson from 95th BG veteran April 24th - Open Sunday
May 8th - Charity Cycle Ride
May 9th - Brother-in-law of Veteran
May 11th - Flower Club visit
May 14th - Private group visit
May 14th - a surprise visit by Kurt Landis, son of David Landis (radio engineer)
May 29th - Open Sunday - Veterans Reunion & MVT Road Run
June 12th - Charity Tractor Run
June 17th - Grundisburgh Cubs camping weekend
June 24th - The 41 Club Group visit
June 26th - Open Sunday
June 28th - Aviation Group visit
June 30th - Visit by Worshipful Company of Farmers
July 31st - Open Sunday and MVT BBQ - military vehicles on display
August 28th - Open Sunday
September 1st - Visiting aircraft from RAF Henlow Aero Club
September 25th - Open Sunday - Rolls Royce Club visit
October 1st - Motor Sport Group visit
October 8th - Group fly-in visit

RAF Henlow Fly-in 2011
RAF Henlow Fly-in 2011


2010 Visits

In 2010, we have had the following groups come to Debach –
February – the daughter of a Veteran from the USA
April – Open Sunday – General Public
March – a primary school visit of 64 children
May – a classic car rally group (South Suffolk)
May – Open Sunday – General Public
June – Main Open Day & Dance (40s style) (Veterans and Families attended)
July – Suffolk Military Vehicle BBQ
July – Open Sunday – General Public
July – Woodbridge Round Table
August – Open Sunday General Public
August – Family Friends of a Veteran
August – Nephew of a Veteran
September – Rendlesham Care Home
September – a classic car rally group (South Suffolk)
September – Open Sunday – General Public
October – Chelmsford Motor Club
November – the Grandson & Family of a Veteran
November – Remembrance Sunday service
November – a primary school visit of 56 children
November – a motorcycle sidecar club

Langer Road Primary school 2010
Langer Road Primary school 2010

Langer Road Primary school 2010
Langer Road Primary school 2010

Heather and Ron Lloyd-Martin
Heather and Ron Lloyd-Martin

Heather and Ron Lloyd-Martin
Sheila and Tony Cattell

some of the thank you letters from Kyson Primary School
some of the thank you letters from Kyson Primary School

some of the thank you letters from Kyson Primary School
some of the thank you letters from Kyson Primary School

Hedingham Sidecar Club - 2010
Hedingham Sidecar Club - 2010

Hedingham Sidecar Club - 2010
Rendlesham Care Home - 2010

Should your club, group or school like to book a visit here, please contact us – see the ‘contact page’ for details.