Squadrons of the 493rd Bombardment Group

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Air Squadrons

  • 860th Bombardment Squadron
  • 861st Bombardment Squadron
  • 862nd Bombardment Squadron
  • 863rd Bombardment Squadron

Ground/Support Units

  • 330th Station Complement
  • 480th Sub Depot
  • 18th Weather Squadron
  • 280th Medical Dispensary (Aviation)
  • 878th Chemical Company
  • 2117th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon (Aviation)
  • 2971st Finance Detachment (Provisional)
  • 1143rd MP Company (Aviation) Det A
  • 1788th Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Company (Aviation)
  • 1227th QuarterMaster Company (Service Group)

This is a list of squadrons that flew with and serviced the 493rd Bomb Group at Debach

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