WWII Museum - 493bg Debach - American 8th Army Air Force!!!
WWII Museum - 493bg Debach - American 8th Army Air Force

Visitor's Centre




We are now luckily enough to offer to our visitors a building where they can rest, take stock and enjoy hot and cold drinks. For the visits from schools, clubs and private visits, this has proved to be a wonderful extension to all concerned. The tour of the museums takes a minimum of 2 hours, so this is a good and welcome resting place.

The Rocker Bar was the NCO's bar in the Rocker Club - an original members club card is shown above.

On site, you will notice several donation boxes – as the museum is privately run and we do not receive any government or charitable funding, your donations are greatly appreciated and are also very important to us – no matter whether they are big or small. We would thank you in anticipation.