WWII Museum - 493bg Debach - American 8th Army Air Force!!!
WWII Museum - 493bg Debach - American 8th Army Air Force

Re-profiling the hoops
Re-profiling the hoops

After cleaning they had to be re-profiled to the exact arc using wooden templates.

480th MT Workshop

Cleaning Hoops
Cleaning Hoops

In 2018 we started to restore a 480th SB MT Workshop building. The 480th sub division Motor Transport unit were responsible for servicing aircraft and motor transport vehicles.

The hoops used were original to the 493rd, however 70 years plus they were not ready to be used. the hoops were a rusty,mangled heap of metal! Firstly they had to be untangled and then cleaned.


the last stage in the preparation was painting these hoops where they would be left to harden.

This work was very time consuming and yet very worthwhile.

The next step in the restoration was the erection of the hoops to the base. These are just a few words and and was quick to write, however, putting up the hoops was a big job taking many weeks. The first picture was the assembly of the first hoop and then the next when all the hoops were up!

/images/gallery10/mid_hoops up.jpg.msg.jpg


Hoops are up and now the tin cladding is the next mountain to climb. There was enough original tin cladding to cover two thirds of the nissen, so we had to purchase the rest of the sheets.A couple of weeks later the new cladding arrived to find some of the sheets were damaged. So back they went to be replaced. More time wasted!

The next pictures show the gradual covering of the hoops.

/images/gallery10/mid_nissen1 small.JPG

/images/gallery10/mid_nissen3 small.JPG

Once the cladding was completed, a decision had to be made about whether or not to insulate the walls.During a cold spell,it was found that the inside was collecting a lot of condensation so ultimately, it was decided to insulate the inside.







The last 4 images have just been added to the website and the building is ready to receive visitors! Our new Motor Pool workshop has been completed.